Museum of the West Han Dynasty

Nanyue Tomb Museum Guangzhou two thousand years of history witness. It is a new site museum Nanyue Mausoleum built for the centers is to protect cultural relics Chinese government based on “Venice Charter” take advantage of a successful example of cultural relics. It preserved tomb site rich connotation of Han Dynasty relics, elegant style of architecture and famous.


Museum building area of 14,000 square meters, divided into comprehensive exhibition building, the site of the tomb, the main exhibition floor three parts. Main floor display shows South Vietnam tomb unearthed more than a thousand pieces (sets) of Treasures. Building integrated display shows the Chinese ceramic art wonderful work – “Interbasin pillow and his wife donated the ceramic exhibition.”


Another temporary exhibition hall displaying large temporary exhibition of cultural relics at home and abroad. The museum has been listed as Guangdong Province, Guangzhou City, the first batch of patriotism education bases. In addition, the museum also has a collection of selling a variety of souvenirs.